I Love You 2

That was deep, writing that last blog had my own juices going.  I surprised myself with that scene. A daydream that I wanted to come to true. I was ready for action.
I cleaned off my desk and placed everything back in order, walked quietly to the children’s bedroom to ease my motherly thoughts.
Once I saw the entry to my room I immediately got hot! My husband was most likely just laying there pretending to be sleep. He hated to sleep knowing I was up late. I took a deep breath and turned my confidence on.
I was in savage hunt mode and he was my prey. I started thinking about his tall figure and soft hands, his big lips and gentle hands. I needed all that, all of him.
I walked with a quick pace to the room and jumped in the bed.
He opened his eyes with shock and worry. Once he saw the lustful glare in my eyes he adjusted and took me into his arms without saying a word.
I kissed him deeply thinking of the scene I just wrote. He hands searched my body like it was the 1st time we’d been intimate. I was falling in love again. This man had a way with taking control over my entire body. My flesh craves him. He let his lips leave mine to explore other parts.
“I love tasting you!” He says in between licks and kisses.
“I love you” I say with my eyes rolling back.

He dug deep inside of me making love to my insides. This love made me melt onto him. I wanted nothing but skin between us. As I adjusted my hips to take more of him in, our breathing started to pick up. We were breathing each other’s air, each other’s love, each other’s spirit! My husband; I love the way that sounded. He sealed that name after a two year interview process and a kneel of one knee. We’d been married for five years and it still felt like yesterday.
We let my imagination take us over the rest of the night. Letting our spirits intertwine with one another. I love this man, and I have ever since we met. I don’t know what his motive was to make love to me like he did but my husband gave me a reminder of why I’m here

“I love you too”

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