Workday Fantasies

Dark Chocolate Knight,

Your skin absorbs the sun’s rays,

Making you irresistible to look at.

Your eyes are bright white and what most would say your eyes are black, I know they are brown.

Your teeth are just as bright when you care to share a smile.

I blush.

You make me feel tiny, cute, and innocent.

Oh, if only you knew.

You say your HI’s and bye’s

We keep it polite.

When we glance in each other’s eyes, I know it’s not right.

You want me,

And I want you too…

Printer room

Door shut.       Mouth open.               Pens dropping.                        Printer going.

I hope no one needs their paperwork right now.

Dress up.         Pants down.   Leg up.                       All fucks given subsiding.

Damn I want this. Please don’t stop now.

Panties moved.                        Dick inside.     Eyes wide.     Moans kept classified.

I must stay quiet or we’ll both lose our jobs

Neck bite.        Mouth covered.          Deeper thrust.            Peak reaching.

Why have we waited this long?

Rain down.     Exhale, breathe.         Eye contact.   Disbelief.

What did we do? But damn it was too good to not be true.

Pants up.         Leg down.

The knock on the door reminds us where we were.

Dark Chocolate Knight,

Your skin captivates the sun’s rays,

Making you difficult to ever neglect.



  1. theatypicalgent · May 4, 2017

    I liked the picture painted when they were in the printer room. Not the conventional way of describing, which gave it that much more of a vivid perception created by both you and the reader. I really like the writing style with this one Ma’am!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blueframedgirl · August 1, 2017

      Well thank you… i’m happy that you enjoyed my work. I wanted the scene to be intense. So I hope that’s what you felt.
      Thanks again.


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