I’m Not Done With You Yet

Punish Me Part 2


….With smooth swiftness, he scooped me up and flipped me on my stomach

Lying flat on my belly, he pulled my head back with his hand around my neck

“Where all is the shit talking at now?”

Speechless and obliged into submission, I whimper

He forcedly plunges his tool inside of me

Causing me to arch my back, giving him access to dig

Digging into my soul, making me watery

He kissed my neck, wrapped tighter around my neck

Thrusting in me, I felt every bit of this payback

Every bit of this punishment

“Take this dick”, he growls

“Make me cum”, he demands

It hurts so well, I’m weak to every stroke

“I’m sorry baby”, I finally plea

Breaking down, walls crashing

I feel yet another orgasm coming as my legs begin to quiver

“What’s my name?”

“Ace!” I yell, crashing on his tool

“I love you”, I seductively let out as I splash out on his thighs

Leaking on the sheets, he whispers in my ear

“And don’t forget”……

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  1. Dontrell · October 5, 2018



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