Hidden Agendas

Hello Follows,

I would like to introduce my first erotica thriller… part 1.




When I first saw him at that red light turning onto I-410 east bound, I knew there was something about him I wanted. I couldn’t see much from his rear view mirror but I was able to see those gorgeous brown eyes that would fool you to think he were some young buck. After seeing his neatly shaven beard, I was corrected.

“Well good morning sexy,” I said to myself as observe this Carmel tone Jon B looking guy in front of me.

He was driving a Black Nissan 370 Z Coupe with the top off. I watched him as we were waiting for the light to turn green. Once it did, with no hesitation he zoomed under the overpass and onto the highway; disappearing from my eyesight. I watched him until I couldn’t see him. Continuing my way through the morning traffic to head to work, I had you on my mind. Strange, because I didn’t get a good look, let alone meet you, yet I was daydreaming of all the things we could be doing instead of being in traffic.

Later on, I went to Walmart, the one closer to work off I-10. Minding my business and on a mission, get in and get out. On my way in I came across the same Z. Duh, of course, there are millions of Z’s in San Antonio, so what would be the odds of this one being his. My mystery man. While I was watching him this morning, I took a mental note of his license plate.

“F. B. M.! Damn this is him!” I get excited on the inside reading his plate numbers in my head twice to make sure it matches.

I walked into Walmart on a different mission, finding my mystery guy. I at least wanted to see his face and how he looks outside of his tiny car. I went down so many aisles looking for this man. I did manage to get the items I went in looking for but I was still on my hunt after 30 minutes of being in the store. Giving up, I headed towards the self-checkout lane. And there he was in the flesh checking out his few items.

“Well hello Mr. FBM 0687,” I say to myself while biting my lower lip.

He was just as sexy standing as he was sitting. Board shoulders thick frame. The type of body that can pick a woman up and transport her into ecstasy. Lost in my devilish thoughts, I missed the next open register.

“Excuse me miss,” the yellow-vested Walmart employee startles me, “there is one open over there if you’re ready” Pointing in his direction.

“Thank you.”

I walk over to the register right next to him, so we can get a better view of each other. I wanted him to see all my assets and fantasies about the assets unseen. He wore a white V-neck tee with a gold link necklace; jeans, wearing the gold Jordan Retro “Closing Ceremony” editions. He glanced over at me a few times, one too many to not have said something to me. He finished up his check out, flashed a smile and walked off. I rushed to finish my check out to be right behind him.

Making sure not to be too close, I followed him out onto the parking lot. Pretending to have parked my car in the same direction. Admiring his walk and the way he carried himself. He had to be about 35 years old standing at least 6’3. We had to part ways when he finally reached the same car I examined earlier. He looked at me again as I was passing his car. I could feel his eyes watching my hips sway, so I put on a show. Making my thick ass and hips move side to side, hypnotizing him.

“Excuse me, Miss, Excuse me!” He finally reveals his baritone voice as he tries to get my attention; the attention he already had.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Well you can help me by letting me know if you’re free later tonight”

“That depends on the offer on the table”

“Dinner and show?”

“Ugh, I think I would rather be doing something else.” I said and began to walk off. He was going to have to come harder than that.

“But you didn’t let me tell you to what type of show!”

“Okay, shoot and it better not be the movies.”

“Hahaha, no love, a woman like you would need something far more impressive. There is a live play in town, how does that sound?” He flashed his smile that showed off those teeth. I didn’t care what type of show. I wanted a piece of this man.

“Better. The name of my host is?” I said still holding on to my ‘attitude’.

“Fabian, Fabian Mitchell. But my friends call me B and my guest name is?”

“Veronica. Veronica Wilson.”

“Nice to meet you, Veronica. I would like your number if that is okay with you?”

“Sure.” Typing my number in his phone.

“Now I will pick you up at 7 pm tonight. Is that an okay time for you at last minute notice?”

“Yes Mr. Fabian, I can be ready by then. I will text you my address later.”

“Great! See you than Ms. Veronica.”


I walked off smiling from ear to ear. I continued to walk in the parking lot to my car. Once he disappeared, I pulled out my keys to hit the panic button. I had lost my car in the damn Walmart parking lot! I wanted to ensure Mr. Fabian didn’t see me looking so foolish in this parking lot.


….To Be Continued

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  1. theatypicalgent · February 12, 2018

    Brava!! Brava!! Cliff hanger?!?!


  2. Shelly Scott · February 13, 2018

    That was so good !!!!give me more give me more!!!!!!


  3. BlaqEyeTee · February 16, 2018

    Amazing! The whole time I was reading, I was envisioning myself as Fabian and this young lady I use to work with. If only….


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