Won’t Let Go

So caught up in the things that I was hoping you could provide for me
I let the outside turn my heart into flammable bits.
I had this attitude like I knew what was best for you treating you like I really didn’t want you
Could do better than you
I let everyone tell me what to do with you and look you gon’ out my sight
Now what am I to do
I want you back but I know there are a lot of things that need to be fixed
That you and I must push through
How am I to help you
I wished you gone and now it’s true
No longer wanting just to sleep with you
I need you over boo
Sometimes it feels so cold, your body gave me warmth
but they say I will get over that
Just look at that
I don’t want our future holds but like an old song, I won’t let go
So I’ll wait for you to get it together baby
So we finally build on us baby
We need each other…

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