Yours – Golden Shovel Style Poem

Golden Shovel Poem

Use each word from the source text in its original order for the last word in each line of your new poem. When you are finished, the end-words of your poem should trace out the origin poem.

“Yours” Alina Baraz

“Love me like I’m never gonna leave.

Love me like I’m yours.”

Speechless unable to describe how we feel so we called it love

I remember the look you gave me

And those words like

A nervous man ready to love but I’m

Afraid too; promise that you’ll never

Leave. Promise me that I’m gonna

Always be yours. But I was the one who decided to leave

Believing in everything but love

Misery is holding me

Trying to find meditation and peace like

Will we find the answer, please, I’m

Hoping to forever be yours


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