I fucked up!

I was so hurt that I had to find someone I could hurt too

I fuck up!

Instead of communicating my emotions I played a guessing game

I fucked up!

I used your kindness to benefit my soul, in return I gave you a lump of coal

I fucked up!

Screaming “Niggas ain’t shit”, when true is I ain’t shit!

I fucked up!

Looking for negativity in your positive love for me

I fucked Up!

Saying anything to you and letting you know I didn’t care if you stayed or go

I fucked up!

You said you loved me and I stayed silent

I fucked up!

Openly flirting and making you feel like you was trippin’

I fucked up!

I thought you were like everyone else; wanting to use me. But instead I used you!

I fucked up!

Do you think you can forgive me?

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