Lazy Sundaze

Oh I love when Sundays come around. It’s like a fire ignites you when the sunlight hits your soul, you roll over inhale my morning skin and kiss it hello.Chills wake me down my spine.
Alret, I always pretend I don’t know what you’re up to.
An arch forms like a yawning kitten, your hands reach down to my ankles gliding smoothly up my spine like a guided trail to my breast.
Where your hands stop to play. I push my butt against you.
I was greeted by your Sunday morning wood. I reach behind to greet it with a proper hand shake, checking for its ripeness. You bite down on my neck.
He’s ready!
You aggressively grab my breast pushing me further into you. Forming a shape of a horseshoe, I nest my weight into your chest and body. You guided your tool inside my morning water dew. I let out a soft moan.
We picked up a balanced pace, holding each other close. Never let go as we climax. I lay and think I never want this day to end!

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