Being a Teen

We are no longer children, yet not an adult

We seek to fulfill our desires and dreams

Paving our own paths, waves, and streams

Denying us independence would be an insult

Even if it means we make mistakes as a result

These life experiences build a stronger self-esteem

Mapping out our master plans to get the C.R.E.A.M

They say we are too young to stress

But old enough to make decisions

Only to be forced under some sort of supervision

They don’t understand that at times our lives are a mess

Our imbalanced emotions are hard to express

Living in a world of competition

We struggle to embrace this transition

Striving to beat the odds and make progress

We never imagined being a teen would be like this

We see what we want, becoming our own visions

Barely able to receive our provisions

We understand this might not be your envisions

Aiming for nothing less than success

Adults or not our dreams you will not suppress


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