Being a Teen

We are no longer children, yet not an adult

We seek to fulfill our desires and dreams

Paving our own paths, waves, and streams

Denying us independence would be an insult

Even if it means we make mistakes as a result

These life experiences build a stronger self-esteem

Mapping out our master plans to get the C.R.E.A.M

They say we are too young to stress

But old enough to make decisions

Only to be forced under some sort of supervision

They don’t understand that at times our lives are a mess

Our imbalanced emotions are hard to express

Living in a world of competition

We struggle to embrace this transition

Striving to beat the odds and make progress

We never imagined being a teen would be like this

We see what we want, becoming our own visions

Barely able to receive our provisions

We understand this might not be your envisions

Aiming for nothing less than success

Adults or not our dreams you will not suppress


What if

What if I said I wanted to hold you,

That I needed you too?

That my actions were out of anger not to spite.

Not to betray you.

What if I told you I never wanted this to end?

That I didn’t care how anyone else felt.

What if I desire you?

Wanting you next to me.

Am I crazy? Is this all in my head?

Why do we want things when there’re gone?

We see them from across the room and begin to reminisce.

You dream about the possibilities, the hope, and what ifs.

Now that you’re out of my grasp is when I want you most.

I waited until you hated me before I told you about the love for you I hold close.

Too late you say?

That just cannot be true.

Secretly, I need you!

I remember, you did all this to be with me.


She wanted to become numb to all of it.

Not wanting to hear that she had the time or that it would happen one day.

Especially not from the one that she couldn’t have.

She wanted to drown her broken heart into her work,

And her other passions.

Feeling so consumed with her dreams and goals that everything falls to the side.

Nothing will be able to penetrate her again.

Not even for the ones she was intimate with.

She would block it all, tunnel vision,

To focus on nothing more than work.

It was made clear to her that this shit just won’t work

No more trying to prove that she was sorry and that she wanted to grow.

No more waiting around for him to get the picture and step up.

No more thinking she was claimed for.

No more in between or we need some space.

If there ever was a chance for romance, or

A happy ending, or a chance to reconcile,

She was no longer interested.

She was no longer wanting to be in a relationship or

Craving to have anyone in her bed.

She could care less about building a family or a touch from another.

She no longer cared to share space with another human being outside the ones she birthed.

She was beyond content with her toys she invested in

And her empire she was building alone.

Not wanting anyone to ride this journey with her

Like she had longed for in the past when her heart was naive and

Thought love was glitter and gold.

As if needing it to breathe.

She was past that; she was past the wanting and pleas.

Now she saw love as a bitter waste of time.

It failed!

Money, God, and dreams,

Were the only things real.

The only things that she had her heart on fire for

Fuck a men

Fuck trying to make them a part of the pie.

She would thrive to become more, strive harder to become more independent

Not just financially but mentally, emotionally and physically.

She would want nothing more than to just be LEFT ALONE.

No love lost, she is just tired of waiting.

Tired of waiting for you to catch on.

Loving You

You’re such a work of art
He probably told your life was black and white
He was breaking your heart
I want to play this smart
He was trying to dim your light
I never want us to part
I can’t live with us apart
Our future together looks bright
Your love has topped the chart
Love hit me like a dart
We embrace, touch, and fuck on site
Say you love me as a start
I vow to love you always, never to depart
Your smile brings me warm delight
Your love can’t be bought
Our love can’t be stopped
A fire that you ignite
The emotions that caught
Loving you is what you taught

Sonnet 13 – Tonight

Big, black, bold, and thick.
Between our faces, only air sits.
Fuck me harder, I never call it quits.
You create waves of water that don’t dry quick.
My pussy only gets wet only for this dick.
Spank me, hold me tight.
I want you stroking all damn night.
Your dick is harder than a brick.
I feel you deep inside.
No need to be polite.
Go ahead and open me wide.
You always know how to fuck me right.
Your big dick just slips and slides.
Come fuck me forever and tonight.