A Fantasy Within A Fantasy

Take this flesh as if it is yours
I feel your sweat dripping onto my pores
Gentle touches upon my skin
The space between us is thin
Yet I crave to have you closer
Giving you my body, full exposure
As you watch my body sway
This pussy awaits for you to slay
Not wanting to move too fast
Hoping all this will last
Fuck me not, insanity
This is a fantasy within a fantasy

I stand amid the room
My inner vixen ready to bloom
A seductive shadow appears
Flirtatiously she whispers in your ear
I have come to join your pair
Please don’t be scared
Take her flesh I dared
You started moving slowly, unprepared
I kiss her deeply and grab you frantically
Lick my pussy as she rides my face passionately
I guarantee no foolery on your sanity
This is a real fantasy within a fantasy.

When I Think Of You

I am hoping to tie your hands

To my bedpost in pleasure–

The slightest moan thrills me.

Pussy forever leaks on my a thousand count sheets

Noises made from the slurps of my tongue on your clit.

I want to fondle your nipples and make you scream.

I dream of legs shaking uncontrollably.

Weak from the heightening explosion all at once, you squirt.

Drown Me!

I want to call you mine.

To tattoo your name across my ass.

 Claim me

I hope to have you dominated by noon.

To have you on your knees

Licking and begging, please

Pussy eating is a science–

Consider my tongue the finest

Trying to keep from losing

this game–

I devour you with no shame


From a “hello” to a “love you”

The moments in between were for grooming

Into what you thought needed molding

Deception on the mind and heart

Whirling lies into truths

Creating your world surrounded by you

Despite what other human feelings surround you

Your web of lies only to benefit you and trample those you

Call out to for love, attention, affection, as though you lack something internally

So are we supposed to only live our lives according to your will?

The devil is a liar if you thought I’d adhere

I want no parts of your surrounding entourage

My heart of joy has the same tone as sorrows

Discovering you were a magician creating illusions

Watch as your magic mirrors reveal the undeniable truths

And your deceptions fall like towers

Leaving you to think was it all worth it?

Lazy Sundaze

Oh I love when Sundays come around. It’s like a fire ignites you when the sunlight hits your soul, you roll over inhale my morning skin and kiss it hello.Chills wake me down my spine.
Alret, I always pretend I don’t know what you’re up to.
An arch forms like a yawning kitten, your hands reach down to my ankles gliding smoothly up my spine like a guided trail to my breast.
Where your hands stop to play. I push my butt against you.
I was greeted by your Sunday morning wood. I reach behind to greet it with a proper hand shake, checking for its ripeness. You bite down on my neck.
He’s ready!
You aggressively grab my breast pushing me further into you. Forming a shape of a horseshoe, I nest my weight into your chest and body. You guided your tool inside my morning water dew. I let out a soft moan.
We picked up a balanced pace, holding each other close. Never let go as we climax. I lay and think I never want this day to end!