Safe Haven

I love the way your lips taste

A hint of weed and savory taste

At first I didn’t like this thing you did with your tongue but as time went on, I grew to love it

Now it sends chills up my spine

I feel so fuzzy inside

I feel so safe with you

Cuddled up like a kitten next to you

My fire burns out and my lion is tamed

Turning into a fuzzy kitten purring for your attention

I breathe in all of your aromas

Spirits, heart and whatever else your chest has to offer

I ponder

Can this last forever?

A kiss on my forehead causes my body to shiver

I quiver

This has to be my forever!

Cuddle Time

I feel a cold gust of wind blowing between us

What the hell is this?

You’ve rolled over too far from me

A desert mile away from me

Back facing me

I slide in skin close to you

Breast pressed against your back

Matching your rhythm of your breathing

I glide my arms up under you

Pull you in like a waist trainer would

Place my head gently on your skin

Listening to your heart like a doctor

This is how close we ought to be

How dare you roll over getting away from me?!

But at First….

Inspired by Brandon Williams “I Love You”

I – I love you. The first time I said it I wasn’t 100 percent

I only said it because I called myself being content

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure you were it

As time moved on so, did the love

I mean you became my moon

I, your sun,

Spending countless hours loving on you

Eventually these words became true

I truly did begin, well not begin, start falling in love

With your caring gentle soul wanting to love all of me

I’m just so happy

Now that only words I can say are

I-I love you!

Gloomy Days

On gray gloomy days like today

I crave to be somewhere with you

Somewhere where there’s unlimited foreplay

A place where our souls can intertwine.

On gray gloomy days like today

The drip-drop of the rain

Reminds me of my moistness

And your passionate strokes that leave me in joyful pain

On gray gloomy days like today

I crave for a warm treat

The type of treatment that includes you

A couple of warm touches and a bottle of booze

On gray gloomy days like today

All I want is to be home next to you


There are some nights when sleep is impractical,

Bashful and unimaginable.

And all the techniques that I employ to succeed

Fails, backslides, as the thought of you drifts into my consciousness

I lay vigilant, calculating my moves

How do I get close to you?

I know your family disapproves

But my body resists slumber without you by my side.