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College friends realizing that the love they have been looking for are right under their nose. Take a peek into part one of the dream relationship of Tabby and King.

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Because sometimes it’s not always another man!



Hardworking Catalina is working as a maid to make ends meet as she attends Howard University. Take a peek into the beginnings of her life as a maid and the man who help change her life. Find out her secrets and her relationship with her Sugar Daddy.




Who is Kenji? After reading Lunch Dates, I am sure you want to know how Tabby met Kenji. Kenji comes out of no where willing to help her with more than what she paid for. Find out how Kenji and Tabby meet. How those steamy lunch dates came about!





We have all had some embarrassing sex moments. From catching a muscle crap or mistaken your first time squirting as urine. All those moments helped us become better lovers. We discovered something new and used them to make the next moment unforgettable. Keep having those embarrassing sex moments. Keep exploring new adventures in your sex life.