Loving You

You’re such a work of art
He probably told your life was black and white
He was breaking your heart
I want to play this smart
He was trying to dim your light
I never want us to part
I can’t live with us apart
Our future together looks bright
Your love has topped the chart
Love hit me like a dart
We embrace, touch, and fuck on site
Say you love me as a start
I vow to love you always, never to depart
Your smile brings me warm delight
Your love can’t be bought
Our love can’t be stopped
A fire that you ignite
The emotions that caught
Loving you is what you taught

Sonnet 13 – Tonight

Big, black, bold, and thick.
Between our faces, only air sits.
Fuck me harder, I never call it quits.
You create waves of water that don’t dry quick.
My pussy only gets wet only for this dick.
Spank me, hold me tight.
I want you stroking all damn night.
Your dick is harder than a brick.
I feel you deep inside.
No need to be polite.
Go ahead and open me wide.
You always know how to fuck me right.
Your big dick just slips and slides.
Come fuck me forever and tonight.

A Fantasy Within A Fantasy

Take this flesh as if it is yours
I feel your sweat dripping onto my pores
Gentle touches upon my skin
The space between us is thin
Yet I crave to have you closer
Giving you my body, full exposure
As you watch my body sway
This pussy awaits for you to slay
Not wanting to move too fast
Hoping all this will last
Fuck me not, insanity
This is a fantasy within a fantasy

I stand amid the room
My inner vixen ready to bloom
A seductive shadow appears
Flirtatiously she whispers in your ear
I have come to join your pair
Please don’t be scared
Take her flesh I dared
You started moving slowly, unprepared
I kiss her deeply and grab you frantically
Lick my pussy as she rides my face passionately
I guarantee no foolery on your sanity
This is a real fantasy within a fantasy.

But at First….

Inspired by Brandon Williams “I Love You”

I – I love you. The first time I said it I wasn’t 100 percent

I only said it because I called myself being content

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure you were it

As time moved on so, did the love

I mean you became my moon

I, your sun,

Spending countless hours loving on you

Eventually these words became true

I truly did begin, well not begin, start falling in love

With your caring gentle soul wanting to love all of me

I’m just so happy

Now that only words I can say are

I-I love you!

FBM Pt 2

I moved back, wanting to look at him directly in the eyes before he tells me his secret.

“I’ve been watching you for over four months now.”

In total shock, I tried not to show the expression on my face. He must have seen it anyway because he walked closer to me, apologizing.

“Where did you first see me?”

“At a light turning onto 410. I was behind you and followed you until I couldn’t anymore. I then saw you every Tuesday and Thursday that I am down this way at the same light. I began wanting you but didn’t know how to get your attention. Then I saw you at Walmart and didn’t want to miss my chance.”

I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. In complete disbelief that this man had been stalking me. Fabian went to take another step towards me and I backed away from him.

“Look I think that you…. “I began to say and was cut off.

“I understand if you want me to leave. I wasn’t going to say anything but I couldn’t keep hiding it anymore. Tonight was everything and more of what I envisioned for us to be like together. Everything minus…”

“Look, Fabian, I have something to confess too.”

Stuck in his mid-stride towards me, he stopped and gave me his undivided attention.

“I have been stalking you too. But not as long, maybe all of like 24 hours if that. I saw you today at the light.” I confessed.

“Ah, the one time that I was in front of you and not behind you. The irony in that.”

“Wow, this, this is a lot to take in.”

“It is! But there is one common factor in this. You want me and I want you.”

Without any further verbal communications, we let our bodies communicate for us. Fabian walked up on me leaving not even air between us. He grabbed my throat like a fashionable choker. Tilted my head to the side as he inhaled my aroma.

“I have dreamed about being this close to you. You smell so good.” Fabian whispered in my ear.

He then took his left hand, grabbed my right breast with aggressiveness. He continued to explore my body through these awful fabrics that block our nerves from touching. Letting nothing else stop him from touching my flesh, he fixes the problem. Taking his hand beneath my shirt, a touch of our flesh touching causes me to grasp for air. My body caught a chill and my eyes widen.

“Don’t’ tease me, now that you have me.” I whispered to Fabian to give him the green light.

“I don’t plan to have you wait for a second longer.”

Leading me to my couch, he laid my body down gently. I watch him strip off his shirt and slowing unbutton his pants. As he is just staring at my body, I slide out of my jeans, leaving my teal bodysuit on. He reached down between my legs to unsnap the bodysuit. As his tugged at the snaps, he lets his thumb slide up and down my wet slit. I let out a slight moan as his cold thumbs brush across my clit. Fabian bent down to kiss me while he was undressing me. So busy making my body sensitive to his touch with soft kisses he fails to see the woman I am transforming to be. As my breathing picks up and my heart races. His mouth travels to my collar bone and my nerves travel south, as he watches my eyes roll back into my head. Fabian’s mouth has reached my breast and even though it’s not his mouth I feel on my exact skin, I feel what he is trying to do. Even his efforts turn me on as I begin to let my body become his.

“Please take me.” Not wanting to wait any longer.

“As you wish.” He growled, taking complete control.

My thick thighs hide a direct sight of my valley. He takes his hand and slides them up both my legs. We make eye contact and then he disappeared like an alligator going underwater. I was looking down and saw nothing but my breast and a bump that could be mistaken for a pregnant belly but I know better. It’s my lover’s head digging through my flesh to reach the gold. He hits my triggers with a gentle flick of his tongue, small gesture but it made me jump. Quick reacting he grabs my lower back to hold me in place.

“I don’t want to chase my food”, he whispers.

I try to sit still as he feasts on my flesh. I hear him slurping and groaning. I moan and moan and moan…I explode, turning his face into a honey glazed donut.  He doesn’t stop there. Fabian picks me up ready for the next phase.

“Where’s your room?”

“Down the hall and to the right,” I said with a nervous smile.

He carries me to my room like a newly wedded couple coming home after the wedding. He tossed me on the bed and strapped me down to the bed with his hands. Forcing me to be still and take everything that he was offering.  He let out a bearish growl, looking down at my honey pot. I managed to take off my body suit right before he drives in for round two; sucking on my clit. Driving me insane, I go to reach for him and I am quickly reminded that he has me restrained from moving any further. Fabian tightens his grip, I stiffen my legs, climax coming to a peak. He makes a deeper growl causing vibrations to rumble through my pussy. Obeying my cries of pleasure, he digs his tongue deeper. I arch my back ready to climax on his tongue, I collapse and pass out on the bed. Fabian arose from between my legs with a devilish grin.

“I’m not done with you yet, baby”

With smooth swiftness, he scooped me up and flipped me on my stomach. Lying flat on my belly, he pulled my head back with his hand around my neck.

“You love this dick?”

Speechless and obliged into submission, I whimper. He forcedly plunges his tool inside of me causing me to arch my back, giving him access to dig deeper into my soul. He kissed my neck, wrapped tighter around my neck thrusting in me, I felt every bit of his dick.

“Yes, I love all this dick!”

“Now I will show you what you’ve been missing.”

“Take this dick”, he growls

“Make me cum”, he demands

It hurts so good, I get weak with every stroke. “What took you so long to come get me?” I finally asked. Breaking down, walls crashing. I felt yet another orgasm coming as my legs begin to quiver. We collapsed in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

“Good Morning Sunshine!”

Rolling over in search of the deep voice that greeted me. I couldn’t see his face from the bright sun behind him. Once my eye adjusted to the light, it was like looking at one of God’s handcrafted gifts. This man was getting sexier by the minute.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I went into your kitchen and started cooking. Ready for breakfast?”

“Wait you did what?” In shock that Fabian would even do something like this.

“Cooked. For you and me. Hurry up before it gets cold.” He replied.

He kissed my forehead then slapped my ass on his way out the room. I couldn’t help but smile, it felt nice having someone here with me. I stretched then got up to start my day. I walked to the kitchen in some shorts and a tank top. No bra, no panties. My plan was to award him if this breakfast hit the spot. I love a man that can cook. He was there half naked greeting me with his white smile. ‘How you could not fall for a man like this’, I thought to myself.

“There you are beautiful. I made French toast, eggs, and some bacon. I went out and bought some champagne for the mimosas. Enjoy!” He said while sliding over a huge plate of food.

“I’m not going to eat all this Fabian.”

“That’s okay. Eat what you can now and after our workout, I’m sure you’ll be hungry again.”

He looked at me like he has some tricks up his sleeve. Like an obedient child, I ate my food until I was full. It was beyond delicious, so you know what happens next right? I wasted no time to help clean up the kitchen so we can move on to the other events of the day. After our clean up, I started walking toward the bedroom until I was stopped.

“Where are you going? The workout won’t be there.”

“So where will this workout be at?” Confused at what the definition of “workout” was.

“Right here in the kitchen. I didn’t eat all my breakfast.” He slyly smirked at me.

He grabbed my hand and lifted me up on the counter. ‘What was this man doing to me’, was all I could think. He ate my pussy like a starved child eating for the first time. Devoured me. Fabian took the maple syrup and poured it on my inner thighs then licked it all up. He poured mimosa on my belly and watched it drip down and caught it before it could reach my panel. Going down with his mouth he continued to eat his ‘breakfast’.  I came in his mouth and he licked his lips like it was the best meal on earth. Fabian was a keeper!

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