Love Scenes…Let’s Make ‘Em


Welcome to Love Scenes, the subscription box to empower you inner vixen. This box has all your essentials for that monthly reminder, we’re not talking about Aunt Flow either. A reminder that your body and spirit needs attention; the lover inside of you.

Love Scenes would like to bring those romantic experiences back into your life. If you need some more spice, needing to rekindle, or have lost your way; Love Scenes is here to cure it all. Helping lovers all over make their own love scenes.

To help make your Love Scene, your monthly box will include:

  • One sizzling romantic book from self publisher Sasha Jeffrie aka BlueFramedGirl
  • A pair of sexy lingerie with a pair of  matching earrings. (Both related to the book.)
  • A bottle relaxing and sensual massaging oil. 100% organic made with a blend body-enriching moisturizers for both pleasure and nourishment.
  • A sample of arousal oil for women

Now this may seem overwhelming at first. So we have included step-by-step directions to guide you on how to utilize each item in the box. Along with the Scene Tip of the month.

Ready for your next scene?  Ready to bring that vixen out?

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Let’s Make ‘Em!

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