Love Scenes…Let’s Make ‘Em

Welcome to Love Scenes!

 The subscription box that makes sex conversations norm! We are more than just bringing couples together. We are about women being sexually empowered!
The subscription box that empowers you to act out your own erotic scene with the bedroom as your stage.

Love Scenes is your ‘sex coach’ in a box, guiding you on exploring your body or how to open up to your partner. Whichever your sexual needs are, Love Scenes is here is help!

For $49.99 a month your monthly membership will include:

  • One sizzling romantic script (a brief fiction)
  • A bar of libido enhancing soap
  • A bottle relaxing and sensuous massaging oil.
  • A sample of arousal oil for women and men
  • A surprise gift!
  • Scene Tip of the month

Along with step-by-step directions to guide you on how to utilize each item in the box.

Your membership will also include…

Access to our community where you can access knowledgeable resources, one-on-one coaching sessions, ability to take courses and webinars, and the opportunity to connect with other individuals who have similar tastes and desires as you in our Sensual Lovers Members area.

 We are built for individuals that are serious about growing intimately, making connections, breeding a sense of loyalty to the community, and feeling comfortable in a judgment-free zone.

If you need some more spice, needing to rekindle, or have lost your way; Love Scenes is the cure-all. Helping lovers all over make their own love scenes!

Ready for your next scene?

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For $45 a month you can receive the sexual fun-filled box.
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Mrs. Dee Dee Woods and husband Love Scenes box reveal

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