Never Alone

You can’t make someone lonely if they have always been alone

I know I could have anyone in my presence if I wanted

But I choose to be alone

Live alone and love alone

Myself that is

So thinking that my bed will be cold

I can heat it up

Thinking I will yearn for you

I know how to take care myself

Thinking I will miss being held

I know how to use memories

Thinking I will miss companionship

I know how to converse with myself

See I have be alone well before your presence came alone

I was trained for the cold nights and the ache heart

With my training I am ready for war.

I am ready to block out any nonsense that I feel is not for me

So leave if you must

Don’t trust if you believe you cant

But sir, I will be more than okay

Fantastic even

I don’t need nor desire anything you “think” you brought to me

Baby, I am never alone nor lonely!

I’m Fighting My Demons

I am fighting the demons that prevent me from loving you.
I’ m not sure why my heart won’t allow you to penetrate.
But it has blocked you from entering, a hollow feeling when I part my lips to say I love you.
No access granted.

So you wait outside of my heart battling with my mind’s conflicts that tells my heart:

Is it too soon? It says.
Are we moving too fast? It claims.
Why does he want to be with you so bad?
And what are his alternative motives?

My mind questions my heart to think before I love; think before I fall.
In limbo with all my emotions, it leaves you to decide if I am worth it and being honest and open.

My love rains down and creates oceans but for you, I dry up like a desert.
Unable to do the water dance that calls for my love rain and shower upon you.
So you tell me to choose.
But I told you I didn’t have a flowing faucet.
Despite my characteristics; I told you that my demons are resilient and bound me from loving, bound me from moving on.
I struggle to love you, I struggle to love.

How long will he wait?
How long will he be of some support?
If I don’t fix my problems now when will I resolve them?

A never ending cycle of failed loves.
The hamster wheel I am trying hard to come out of.

Will you stay while I correct my wrongs?
Will you stand by me in the battle of love?

O I’m not saying you have to stick around for long
Just want you to teach me how to love…. ❤

I’m Not Done With You Yet

Punish Me Part 2


….With smooth swiftness, he scooped me up and flipped me on my stomach

Lying flat on my belly, he pulled my head back with his hand around my neck

“Where all is the shit talking at now?”

Speechless and obliged into submission, I whimper

He forcedly plunges his tool inside of me

Causing me to arch my back, giving him access to dig

Digging into my soul, making me watery

He kissed my neck, wrapped tighter around my neck

Thrusting in me, I felt every bit of this payback

Every bit of this punishment

“Take this dick”, he growls

“Make me cum”, he demands

It hurts so well, I’m weak to every stroke

“I’m sorry baby”, I finally plea

Breaking down, walls crashing

I feel yet another orgasm coming as my legs begin to quiver

“What’s my name?”

“Ace!” I yell, crashing on his tool

“I love you”, I seductively let out as I splash out on his thighs

Leaking on the sheets, he whispers in my ear

“And don’t forget”……

Punish Me

You have me strapped down to the bed with your hands

Forcing me to be still and take the punishment that comes from the shit talking I do

You replied by telling me, “Wait until we get home”

Now I am stuck to the sheets for my actions

You let out a bearish growl

Looking down at my honey pot

Diving in head first sucking on my clit

Driving me insane, I go to reach for you

Quickly reminded that you have me restrained from moving any further

You tighten your grip, I stiffen my legs

Climax coming to a peak

A deeper growl causing vibrations to rumble though my pussy

“How dare you do this to me?”

“How dare you punish me?” I howl out to you

Ignoring my cry, you dig your tongue deeper in

I raise my body up toward the ceiling

You force me back to earth

“Fuck!” I let out as I squirt

You continue to suck it all out

I collapse and pass out

You raise up with a devilish grin

“I’m not done with you yet, baby”

All of You

I love watching you.

Where does the time go?

It stops when I think of you.

When I first met you

You were shy

Afraid to let the real you shine

We had our problems,

We go up and down,

You have broken my heart.

At one point, you had let me down.

You sold me dreams,

Lead me to believe in things.

Yet I am here!

Ready for whatever.

Each time I see you, there is something always new.

What can I say, I am addicted to you.

You wink at me all the time,

Like you’re glad I came through

Yea you…

The one who can make my knees weak

The one who can help me reach my peak

The one I keep telling myself I don’t need

But I do need you

All of you

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