Never Alone

You can’t make someone lonely if they have always been alone

I know I could have anyone in my presence if I wanted

But I choose to be alone

Live alone and love alone

Myself that is

So thinking that my bed will be cold

I can heat it up

Thinking I will yearn for you

I know how to take care myself

Thinking I will miss being held

I know how to use memories

Thinking I will miss companionship

I know how to converse with myself

See I have be alone well before your presence came alone

I was trained for the cold nights and the ache heart

With my training I am ready for war.

I am ready to block out any nonsense that I feel is not for me

So leave if you must

Don’t trust if you believe you cant

But sir, I will be more than okay

Fantastic even

I don’t need nor desire anything you “think” you brought to me

Baby, I am never alone nor lonely!