Punish Me

You have me strapped down to the bed with your hands

Forcing me to be still and take the punishment that comes from the shit talking I do

You replied by telling me, “Wait until we get home”

Now I am stuck to the sheets for my actions

You let out a bearish growl

Looking down at my honey pot

Diving in head first sucking on my clit

Driving me insane, I go to reach for you

Quickly reminded that you have me restrained from moving any further

You tighten your grip, I stiffen my legs

Climax coming to a peak

A deeper growl causing vibrations to rumble though my pussy

“How dare you do this to me?”

“How dare you punish me?” I howl out to you

Ignoring my cry, you dig your tongue deeper in

I raise my body up toward the ceiling

You force me back to earth

“Fuck!” I let out as I squirt

You continue to suck it all out

I collapse and pass out

You raise up with a devilish grin

“I’m not done with you yet, baby”

When Two Become One

You grabbed my throat like a fashionable choker
Tilted my head to the side as you inhale my aroma
You take your left hand
Grab my right breast with aggressiveness
With dominance
You continue to explore my body through these awful fabrics that block our nerves from touching
You fix the problem
Taking your hand beneath my shirt
The touch of your flesh on mine cause me to grasp for air.
My body caught a chill
My eyes widen
You are so busy making my body sensitive to your touch with soft kisses you fail to see the woman I am transforming to be
Or maybe you know
As my breathing picks up and my heart races
You catch me with your arm under my lower back
Your mouth travels to my collar bone and my nerves travel south
I let my eyes roll back into my head
Your mouth has reached my breast and even though it’s not your mouth I feel on my exact skin… I feel what you are trying to do
Even your efforts turn me on as I begin to let my body become yours….

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